Mash-up The Hood Internet’s Album For Free


After building a career making mash-ups, Chicago’s The Hood Internet are returning the favour.

They are offering fans the unique opportunity to mash-up the songs on their debut album FEAT, out now on Decon, via MashupDJ, a web and tablet app that allows users to mash-up The Hood Internet’s music with any number of artists.

Created by Mowgli, the music company behind Songster, MashupDJ allows anyone, regardless of their skill level, to create a mash-up on their PC or tablet. Fans can then share their mash-ups via MashupDJ’s song stream or on their Facebook profile.

“The Hood Internet came up by sampling known material from hundreds of different artists. When we released our album FEAT on Decon Records in 2012, we felt the right way to continue the artistic process was to have all the album’s songs remixed, which resulted in the FEAT Remixes collection. With the entire FEAT album now available for remixing on MashupDJ, fans can help us take that artistic process one iteration further,” said the group. “We’re looking forward to hearing people’s interpretations of the songs!”

 “We think music lovers can be one of the first beneficiaries as social networks make it easier than ever for people to connect and collaborate,” Marshall Seese, Jr., CEO and founder of Mowgli said in a statement. “The Hood Internet is clearly aware of this, and we’re honored to help them foster a deeper connect with their fans while promoting music creation from the artist in everyone. Who knows, maybe we’ll see FEAT Remixes 2 on MashupDJ!”



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