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Stream DENA’s ‘Flashed’ For Free

DENA has shared a free stream of ‘Flashed’ from her album Flash, out March 7 on K7.

The whole album revolves around the theme of trying to capture fleeting moments and enjoying them in the era of social media and technology. The album was produced by Erland Oye of Kings of Convenience.

Stream Cousin Matt’s ‘Pelican’ For Free

Cousin Matt has shared a free stream of ‘Pelican’ from their forthcoming EP.

The duo really are cousins, Matt and Zach. The pair spent the last five years and three cities teaming up. They come from two wildly different backgrounds; one is a performer and the other is a producer. They still bring this together to create a combination of vocals with depth and gritty production.


Donovan Wolfington Announce New EP, Share Free MP3s

Image by Ben Davis

New Orleans indie punks Donovan Wolfington have announced that they release their latest EP Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark on April 8 via Topshelf Records.

To celebrate, they’ve shared a free stream of ‘Sleeping’ via The AV Club and ‘Keef Ripper’;

The band had its genesis when guitarists/vocalists Neil Berthier and Matthew Seferian met at their college freshman orientation in 2011. They bonded over the shared dream of getting out of college alive and the fact that they couldn’t find other musicians who shared their influences, others wanted to rock hard, Berthier and Seferian, not so much.

The new EP is the follow up to their 2013 debut LP Stop Breathing. They recruited Chaz Sexton to record everything except the drums, which drumer Michael Saladis recording his parts and mixing the EP as well.

Donovan Wolfington are also heading out on the road;

3/13/2014    SXSW @ Community Records Showcase @ Pearl St. Co-op
3/14/2014    SXSW @ Topshelf Records Showcase @ Soho Lounge (E. 6th St.)
3/15/2014    SXSW @ Backyardtogetherness Showcase @ House Address

Doctor P & Flux Pavilion Announce New Compilation

Doctor P and Flux Pavilion have announced that they will release their Grand Central compilation on March 24 via Circus Records.

The 11 track comp features tracks from Doctor P, Flux Pavilion and others. The compilation highlights artists on Circus, both new and old.

The label will launch a tour starting in March in support Grand Central. The dates include a stop at the namesake venue in Miami for an album release party;

Fri 14th March – Denver – The Beta Nightclub
Sat 15th March – Dallas – Lizard Lounge
Thu 20th March – New Orleans – Republic
Fri 21st March – Minneapolis – Skyway Theatre
Sat 22nd March – Toronto – Adelaide Hall
Tue 25th March – Miami – Grand Central*
Fri 28th March – Atlanta – Opera
* =  Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, Cookie Monsta, Lets Be Friends, Mizuki

1. Fox Stevenson – Tico
2. Nezzo – Waffle House
3. Flux Pavilion – Exostomp (Jump Up High)
4. Doctor P – The Sound of Science
5. Lets Be Friends – Only Time
6. The McMash Clan feat. Kate Mullins – Requiem
7. Robots Can’t Dance – Bada Bing
8. Cookie Monsta – Lets Get Wobbly
9. Mizuki – Plus One
10. Odjbox and Port Limbo – Sloth
11. Dead Exit feat. Dems – Love Me

Stream Sally Seltmann’s Hey Daydreamer For Free

Image by Cybele Malinwoski

Sally Seltmann has shared a free stream of her forthcoming album Hey Daydreamer one week ahead of its March 4 release date on Arts & Crafts.

“I wrote most of the songs on Hey Daydreamer on my piano at home, and songs like ‘Seed Of Doubt’ came out very naturally,” Seltmann said in a statement. “When I write for my own albums, it’s all free flowing emotion. I usually have visual landscapes inside my mind when I create a particular chorus or lyric. It’s like I have an internal world in my imagination that I then try to capture and share through my songwriting. I had been listening to a lot of Australian composer Sven Libaek’s underwater documentary soundtracks, and was so inspired by the colourful arrangements, and all the layers of flutes, brass and percussion. This was a real influence on the production for the album.”

Born Ruffians Announce Deluxe Edition of Birthmarks

Toronto’s Born Ruffians have announced that they will release a deluxe edition of their album Birthmarks via Paper Bag Records on March 25.

The album will feature all the original tracks plus four new ones as well as acoustic versions of five tracks from the album recorded by frontman Luke Lalonde outside of the studio in an intimate setting.

The band is releasing two acoustic tracks a week leading up to the album’s release, along with tasteful nude artwork, via their website.

Disc 1:
Ocean’s Deep
Permanent Hesitation
Cold Pop
Golden Promises
Rage Flows
So Slow
With Her Shadow
Too Soaked To Break
Dancing On The Edge Of Our Graves
Never Age
Disc 2:
Cherry Wine
Oh Cecilia (*Exclusive to CD)
With An Ax
Rage Flows (Acoustic)
Wandering Eye
Needle (Acoustic)
Never Age (Acoustic)
Your Sufferin’ Heart

Stream Y LUV’s ‘Jacques Cousteau’ For Free

LA duo Y LUV have shared a free stream of ‘Jacques Cousteau’, a sunny slice of indie pop for anyone who misses summer.

“The song is about letting your fear push you to the point of being unafraid,” frontman Fred Janney said in a statement.

Stream Inventions’ ‘Peaceable Child’ For Free

Inventions, the duo of Mark Smith from Explosions in the Sky and Matthew Cooper of Eluvium, have shared a free stream of ‘Peaceable Child’ from their self-titled album, out on April 1 on Temporary Residence.

The song has a cosmic feel that brings to mind staring at the stars on a beach as waves crash around you.

Stream Tashaki Miyaki’s ‘There Was a Light’ For Free

LA dream-pop trio Tashaki Miyaki have shared a free stream of their cover of Chris Bell’s ‘There Was a Light’ from their latest 7″ single.

The limited edition single is available their label Blonde Dog Records. The single is the soundtrack their collaboration with director Juan Iglesias.

“It’s a song I loved from the first listen and wanted to share. Chris Bell’s music is dear to me. The lyrics break my heart in the best way,” Singer and drummer Lucy Miyaki explained in a statement.

A. Cool Runnings

B. There was a Light (Chris Bell cover)

Stream Ava Luna’s Electric Balloon For Free

Image courtesy of Canvas Media

Ava Luna have shared a free stream of their latest album Electric Balloon via Pitchfork Advance.

The album is out on March 4 on Western Vinyl.