Miranda Mullholland Announces Toronto Album Release Show & Label Launch

Image courtesy of Fontana North

Toronto singer/songwriter/fiddler Miranda Mullholland has announced that she will hold an album release show for her solo debut Whipping Boy and launch her boutique label Roaring Girl Records at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto on May 13 from 7 to 9 pm.

Mullholland will partner with Fontana North to release the album. To celebrate and give a preview of what to expect on May 13, she also shared a video of a live performance of ‘Under the Palms and Pines’ as well as a free stream of the title track;

The album sees her stepping out from her supporting roles in Great Lakes Swimmers and Belle Starr to take the spotlight. Whipping Boy was recorded in Toronto and LA with producer/multi-instrumentalist Sean Watkins.

In addition to Mullholland’s vocals and fiddle playing and Watkins’ guitar work, the album also features appearances from Greg Leisz, Natalie Haas, Burke Carroll and her Belle Starr bandmates Kendel Carson and Stephanie Cadman.

Mullholand is classically trained violinist and singer. She’s also an in-demand fiddle player making appearances on the show Bowfire in addition to playing with Jim Cuddy, Steven Page, Calexico, Joel Plaskett, Rose Cousins, Alan Doyle, Raine Maida, Dan Mangan, John Borra, The Rattlesnake Choir, Justin Rutledge and more. Her work can be heard on albums from Justin Rutledge, Sarah Slean, Cowboy Junkies and N.Q. Arbuckle

She’s also appeared in assorted theatre productions including the Dora Award-winning production of Parfumerie with Soulpepper in Toronto.

Miranda has quite a few miles under her belt, touring with The Mahones, The Peelers, The Paperboys, The Glengarry Bhoys and Luther Wright and the Wrongs. She was also a member of the Canadian cast of Barrage and the Irish dance show Spirit of Ireland.

1. Whipping Boy
2. Emmaline
3. Bar Rage
4. Hold My Tongue
5. Vanity’s Disguise
6. How Many Times
7. Remember
8. The Palms and the Pines
9. Shiloh
10. Molly Bloom 


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