Stream Nick Catchdubs’ Smoke Machine for Free

Image by Niv Bavarsky

Nick Catchdubs took time out from his busy schedule co-running Fool’s Gold Records with his partner A-Trak and DJing at an assortment of clubs and festivals to record his debut album Smoke Machine, out now.

He shared a free stream of the album via Spotify.

The album provides an alternate universe take on clubs and pop culture. Smoke Machine provides a fun, different take on the “DJ album”.

1. Smoke Theme

2. Full House feat Troy Ave & Heems

3. Chromed Out feat Nasty Nigel, Prince SAMO & Cody B Ware

4. Tick Tick Bounce

5. Bizness feat Iamsu! & Jay Ant

6. Drop feat ShowYouSuck

7. Hell Yeah

8. D.T.B.

9. Wuts That feat B.I.C.

10. Lose Control feat Roach Gigz

11. Heartbeat Jeep feat Go Dreamer & Mach Five

12. Run feat MNDR


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