Videos for a Lazy Sunday: High-Functioning Flesh’s ‘Hunger Cries’

LA’s High-Functioning Flesh have shared the video for ‘Hunger Cries’ from their forthcoming album Definite Structures, out on May 26 on Dais Records.

The duo of Greg Vand and Susan Subtract came together in 2012 after their respective projects came to an end. They bonded over their shared backgrounds in industrial, punk and noise. They released their debut album A Unity of Miseries, A Misery of Unities on DKA Records.

With a sound that references acts from the 80’s like Portion Control and Nitzer Ebb, they have grown from lo-fi recordings to a full on synth-punk sound.

Catch High-Functioning Flesh on the following dates;

5/29 – Los Angeles, CA – Non Plus Ultra*
7/24 – Calgary, AB – Terminus Festival
9/26 – Chicago, IL – Cold Waves Festival
9/27 – Los Angeles, CA – Avalon Hollywood#
10/2 – Boston, MA – Voidstar 25th Anniversary Fest
(*) w/ Drab Majesty
(#) w/ Front 242​

1. Hunger Cries
2. Lattice of Coincidence
3. The Plunge
4. Afterbirth
5. Whispered Steel
6. Grey Scent
7. Confuse the Call
8. Grotesque Light
9. Mistakes Were Made



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