Videos for a Lazy Sunday: WITHIN RUST’s ‘Interstate’

The video for Vancouver’s WITHIN RUST‘s ‘Interstate’ is a collection of footage from the band’s 2014 tour of the West Coast of the US.

It’s taken from their forthcoming debut album, title and release date TBA.

“’Interstate’ started as a poorly played The Bends era Radiohead type demo I sent to Matt (guitarist), which he and eventually Lewis (drums) and John (bass) then overhauled into a far better song,” lead singer and keyboard player Nolen Scott said in a statement. “Lyrically it deals with the disconnect I felt coming home from a summer of touring.  I had nobody waiting for me, no purpose and didn’t feel like I’d accomplished a hell of a lot.  There was a crushing weight that told me that if we didn’t throw everything we had at these next songs, I’d be dealing with that feeling for the rest of my life.  Because of that I knew ‘Interstate’ was the right one to set the tone before we start releasing official singles.”

The band will play Olympia Pizza in Surrey BC on June 20.


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