Savvie Announces Tour Dates

Image courtesy of Audio Blood Media

Vancouver singer Savvie, aka Savannah Leigh Wellman, has announced the dates of her upcoming tour of Western Canada.

To celebrate, she’s shared a free stream of her debut album Night Eyes as well as a video of a live videos of her performing her song ‘Dreams of Surrender’ at Van-City’s Juniper Room;

She already a veteran of touring, having previously played in Redbird and Portage and Main. Her debut album finds her embracing a gritty rock and pop sound. She turned to Matt Rogers for production duties.

Catch Savvie on the following dates;

June 12 @ Fleetwood House, KELOWNA, BC (w/ Bend Sinister)
June 13 @ Tiny Lights Festival, YMIR, BC (w/ Bend Sinister)
June 15 @ The Vat, RED DEER, AB (w/ Bend Sinister)
June 16 @ Vangelis Tavern, SASKATOON, SK (w/ Bend Sinister)
June 18 @ McNally’s Tavern, REGINA, SK (w/ Bend Sinister)
June 20 @ Schooner’s Pub, MEDICINE HAT, AB (w/ Bend Sinister)
June 26 @ Tall Tree Music Festival, PORT RENFREW, BC
July 31-Aug 02 @ ArtsWells Festival, WELLS, BC
Aug 21- Aug 23 @ Ponderosa Festival, ROCK CREEK, BC


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