Videos for a Lazy Sunday: The Rural Alberta Advantage’s ‘Not Love or Death’

The Rural Alberta Advantage have shared the Sam Wainsteim-directed video for ‘Not Love or Death’ from their latest release Mended With Gold, out now on Paper Bag Records.

“This was the first song we wrote and recorded for Mended With Gold,” The RAA’s Amy Cole said in a statement. “It’s hands-down my favourite song from the record, and I think it’s one of the best songs we’ve ever done.  The whole thing sounds like it’s seconds away from totally spiraling out of control and crashing hard, which is pretty much our sweet spot as a band.”

“Part killer band performance, part experimental narrative, the video for The Rural Alberta Advantage’s ‘Not Love or Death’ explores ideas of time, memory and space through the lens of one girl reflecting on her first relationship,” Wainsteim said in the same statement. “Taking place entirely in her bedroom, a roving camera drifts through moments of her past that begin to bleed together and eventually overlap.

“This video was a massive technical challenge. The goal was to create a camera that moves independent of any set narrative but give glimpses of scenes as they unfold in one space. We designed and constructed a set with moving walls for our camera to explore.”

Catch The Rural Alberta Advantage on the following dates;

June 20 Banff, AB Performance in the Park
June 27 Ottawa, ON Dragon Boat Festival (Free)
July 25  Oro-Medonte, ON Way Home Music & Arts Festival
Aug 1 Montreal, QC Osheaga
Aug 8 Squamish, BC Squamish Vallye Music Festival
Sept 5/6 Edmonton and Calgary, AB Sonic Boom Festival and XFest

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