American Opera Launches Weekly Web Series

Image courtesy of Earshot Media

American Opera, aka John Bee, has unveiled his weekly Web series Warped Wednesday with American Opera.

The series will feature acoustic covers of each of his Warped Tour mates. The series kicks off with his take on PVRIS ‘My House’;

Warped Wednesdays with American Opera is a weekly web series where I cover a different Vans Warped Tour band every week,” Bee said in a statement. “Vans Warped Tour is a genre-defying festival tour that features a slew of fantastic bands across a wide variety of musical styles.”

“This summer I’ll be on the Acoustic Basement stage, and in the spirit of that stage and camaraderie amongst artists, I figured I would try to pay homage while putting my spin on the songs. I’m a newcomer to the Vans Warped Tour so I wasn’t too familiar with a lot of the artists, but after checking out the talent I am even more excited to be a part of the tour.”

His track ‘Sand and Seed’ is available for free download for a limited time via American Opera’s Bandcamp page;

The track can be found on his forthcoming LP Small Victories; out later this year, release date TBA.

American Opera will play the Warped Tour this summer.


One response to “American Opera Launches Weekly Web Series

  • russell

    John’s cover of pvris my house is excellent! I listened to pvris version and its not something I would try again. I wish this cover by american opera could be downloaded. Its too bad it’s not his song. Maybe they would let him have it as a song of his so people could enjoy their song.

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