Musicians & Artists Collaborate on Art Exhibit During NxNE

The One That Got Away, an art exhibit featuring collaborations between Alex Bierk, Eunice Luk, The Broadbent Sisters and Erin Loree and the artists listed in the flyer, will take place at Artscape Youngplace during North by Northeast in Toronto on June 16.

The event is curated by Vanessa Heins and Tara Bartolini with 50 per cent of the proceeds from the art sold going to MusiCounts.

“Tara and I wanted to create a show that fused music and art together and approached each piece as a collaboration,” co-curator Vanessa Heins said in a statement. “After personally working with many musicians during the ‘writing’ process, I was interested in the idea of words and lyrics that would not make it into a song and be abandoned, never turning into anything more. We thought it would be interesting to give these ‘orphan lyrics’ a new home by having visual artists use these as a springboard for inspiration, bringing new life into their words”


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