Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Saul Williams’ ‘Burundi’

Saul Williams has shared the Kivu Ruhorahoza-directed video for ‘Burundi’ from his fifth studio album MartyrLoserKing.

The track features guest vocals from Warpaint‘s Emily Kokal. Williams wrote and recorded the album between Senegal, Reunion Island, Paris, Haiti, New Orleans and New York.

The video looks at the conflict in the African nation of Burundi, something that Williams predicted;

“My goal with MartyrLoserKing was to skim global issues, throw them into my drum machine and see what polyrhythms formed,” Williams said in a statement. “Never did I imagine that the release of Burundi, the first song recorded for the album, would coincide with democratic unrest in Burundi as their president attempts to re-write their constitution to run for a 3rd term. My hope is that this song & songs like it give the protesters the fuel they need to overcome over-militarized police & power hungry politicians. I want the politicians, police, and all who stand in the face of democracy with over-zealous self-interest to know that their candle is burning at both ends and that the collective WE will never be silenced and the more they try the more our voices will be heard. The technology of awareness is solar powered and cannot be turned off.”


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