Videos for a Lazy Sunday Andrenachrome’s ‘New Beginnings’ & ‘Something is Nothing’

Lincolnshire artist Andrenachrome, aka Steve Eyre, has shared the videos for the title track from his forthcoming debut album New Beginnings and ‘Something is Nothing’, also found on the album, out soon on Silent Smile, release date TBA.

The album represents a shift in style for Eyre who spent most of his career in guitar-based bands while retaining a love of electronic music. He’s spent the last decade studying the genre and avoid picking up a guitar, outside of an electro-bass. The result is a genre-shifting effort.

He also shared a free stream of the album via his Bandcamp page;

01 Empires
02 Golden Gates
03 Your Final Dream
04 Odyssee de l’espace
05 New Beginnings
06 Divide & Funk
07 Go Tropo
08 Veritas
09 Something is nothing
10 Spaghettification
11 Schadenfraude
12 Sex & Droids & Rock n Roll
13 Orbit of solitude


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