Stream Rev Gusto’s Burnt Out Friends for Free

Kansas City’s Rev Gusto have shared a free stream of their debut album Burnt Out Friends, out now on High Dive Records.

The band also shared a free stream/download of ‘Suburb of Hoboken’, click on the embedded file for the free download;

“I believe the overall theme of the album is about life changing, and the process of adapting to it through the eyes of a young and inexperienced person,” guitarist and vocalist Jerry Frederick explained in a statement. “We wanted to capture a raw sound with the album, so we recorded the entire LP live in studio to do so.  We have played countless live shows, and consider this album an extension of the sound of seeing us in a live setting.  Several of these songs were written while we were in high school, and have been with us as we have grown as a band through the years.”

The band formed while the members were still in high school, performing in basements. Frederick ventured to England where he studied songwriting techniques with Ray Davies of The Kinks. He applied the techniques he learned while the band was recording their album at Element Studios in their hometown.

“To us, this record is really about every day emotions, situations, conflicts and the awkward ways we deal with them,” Frederick said. “We simply do it live, loud and with gusto.”

Catch Rev Gusto on the following dates;

08/01 House Show, Nashville, TN
08/03 House Show, Bowling Green, KY
08/04 Honeywell Center, Wabash, IN
08/06 The Blank Space, St. Louis, MO
08/08 The Abby, Chicago, IL
08/11 Vaudeville Mew, Des Moines, IA
08/12 Knickerbockers, Lincoln, NE
08/14 First Ward, St., Joseph, MO
08/15Mills Record Company, Kansas City, MO

01. Boys Are At It Again
02. Goodnight Laura
03. Click Click
04. Blood In A Bag
05. Look Out The Window
06. Surf City / Mind In A Cage
07. Can’t Control
08. Shoot The Messenger
09. It’s Not Too Late
10. Suburb of Hoboken

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