Stream Sporting Life’s ‘Badd’ for Free

Sporting Life of Ratking (AKA Eric Adiele) had this to say about ‘Badd’, the first single from his forthcoming debut album 55 5’s;

“In some ways ‘Badd’ feels like the most experimental track on the album. It feels like The Matrix to me — the sample that sounds like a voice is actually a drum, just manipulated. All of the duplicated sounds on the track are cousins of the original sound that take on their own presence and life,” Adiele said in a statement.

55 5‘s is out on September 18 via R&S Records.

Despite producing Ratking’s two albums, he still feels like he’s just starting out.

“When you sense your production techniques and approaches improving it always feels like you’re just starting out, like the feeling before a game,” Adiele said in a statement.
“Fan-made YouTube basketball highlight videos were a big inspiration for the project as a whole,” he explained. “I was trying to make tracks that you could put images of athletes playing sports to, because when I watch sports set to certain music it gives me chills sometimes, or might bring a tear to my eye because of the emotion the players might be showing at the same time some ill track is playing.”
In keeping with hip-hop and electronic music being technology driven, Adiele used the Roland SP-555 as an integral part of his creative process.
“It’s the main instrument that I used in Ratking. It’s so easy to use and has really dope effects to process samples. Our album So It Goes was made from loading samples into it, applying the onboard effects then resampling the outputs until you could hear the essence of what the sample was but the 555’s effects turned it into a cool “distant cousin” of the original.” He added, “Our practice space got burgled right before we went on tour to Australia and my original SP-555 with the SD card with all the samples got jacked, so naming this album after the drum machine that helped me so much seemed like the right thing to do.”
1 Aloha
2 Triple-Double No Assists
3 A.I. Style
4 Sports Nation
5 My More Rounds
6 Badd
7 The Sopranos
8 Pre-Order The Dope
9 We Three
10 Looks Good On You

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