Videos for a Lazy Saturday: Lithuania’s ‘God in Two Persons’

The video for Lithuania‘s ‘God in Two Persons’ was inspired by MTV’s Headbangers Ball.

It’s taken from their debut album Hardcore Friends, out now on Lame-O Records.

Despite being together for close to a decade, Eric Slick and Dominic Angelella have only found time to release an EP, Heavy Hands, and a 7″, ‘Domesticated God’, due to their other commitments. Slick plays drums for Dr. Dog and Angelella is a songwriter for DRGN KING. They were finally able to find the time to record their first full-length album.

As the two oddballs in the jazz program at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, they bonded over their mutual love of artists like  Husker Du, Captain Beefheart, Boredoms, and Bjork. Angelella would take Slick to basement punk shows in Philadelphia while Slick would take him to the Avant Gentleman’s Lodge, a now defunct venue that catered to the art scene in Philadelphia.

The pair started playing music together and the subject of bad band names came up.

“We’ve been a songwriting duo this whole time,” Slick said in a statement. “When [Dom] said Lithuania I thought, ‘Oh, it’s like that no man is an island thing.’ No man is an island, so two men are a country, and I thought that was hilarious.”

They started playing gigs shortly after that and went on their first tour in May of 2014, adding drummer  Ricardo Lagomasino.

Lithuania recorded Hardcore Friends in just five days with Joe Reinhart and Kyle Pulley at The Headroom Studios in Philadelphia. The album spans their decade-long friendship.

“It’s an old perspective,” Angelella said in a statement. “All of those early songs are from or about five years ago. It’s this thing where you’re a completely different person. It’s cool to update it to now.”

Writing the album was a different experience for the pair. Angelella is used to being the sole songwriter while Slick keeps time. The album is a combination of older material from 2007 that Slick e-mailed to Angelella while he was staying with friends in Asheville, North Carolina. The second half is songs they wrote over the past year.

“It’s sort of like this chronological narrative of our friendship,” Slick said. “In the past year we’ve gone through some heavy stuff—family stuff, relationship stuff—and it was pretty wild. We finished up this album with a wiser perspective on the first half of it. We even sequenced it so it would tell that story.”

Catch Lithuania at Philamoca in Philadelphia on August 21 with The Sidekicks and All Dogs.


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