Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Korey Dane’s ‘Jules Verne’

Korey Dane had this to say about the video for ‘Jules Verne’ from his forthcoming album Youngblood, out on October 9 on Innovative Leisure.

“I was in the middle of nowhere writing the record, physically and mentally. When I started coming up with ideas for the video for ‘Jules’ the middle of nowhere seemed fitting,” Dane said in a statement.

1. Jules Verne
2. Let It Be Just For Fun
3. I’m Your Man
4. Little Dream
5. Pony & The Kid
6. Louisiana Sundance
7. You’ll Be Had
8. Thieves
9. Blue Limping Phoenix (Seeds of a Watermelon Heart)
10. Heaven Won’t Let Me In
11. The Lion & The Keeper

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