Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Retrocity’s ‘Need You Tonight’

Toronto acapella band Retrocity have unveiled the video for their cover of INXS’ ‘Need You Tonight’, taken from their forthcoming release Mixtape.

The band produces all their sounds via vocals and the body.

“We made this mixtape for you – we really hope you like it! We put the song on that you heard blasting out of some guy’s truck at the beach that time, remember? And, the one you said was your favourite song in grade 11, which might have had something to do with a certain slow dance. We hope the tunes bring back a lot of great memories, so put it on and sing that insane guitar bit really loud,” Retrocity co-founder Lanie Treen said in a statement.

The band was born in 1998 to perform 80’s cover but their repertoire has expanded to include jazz, soul and funk while keeping one foot planted firmly in the 80’s. They released their first album Totally 80’s A Capella in 2006 and will release their second at the Mod Club in Toronto on September 29. The band will perform two sets followed by an after party.

Find all the details on the Facebook event page.


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