Geoff Berner Announces New Album & Shares Free MP3

Image courtesy of Killbeat Music

Image by Fumie Suzuki

Geoff Berner has announced that he will release his new album We Are Going to Bremen to Be Musicians on October 16 via Coax Records in North America and internationally on Oriente Music.

Berner has shared a free stream of the album track ‘Dance and Celebrate’;

This is Berner’s first album in four years and on it, he seeks to reject the orthodox and ultra-Zionist conservative views of Jewish identity in favour of a more left-wing approach that’s more accessible and fun for everyone. It’s keeping in line with his involvement with the Klezmer Bund movement, something that is viewed as radical by more traditional Klezmer musicians.

In a statement, he said that the album is,“meant to be powerful cheering-up medicine that you don’t have to turn your brain off for.”

“We Are Going To Bremen To Be Musicians” is a reference to the old German folk tale about elderly farm animals threatened with death, who run away from their masters in the hope of achieving freedom and becoming Town Musicians. It’s an absurd tale of irrational hope and optimism in the face of horror, and that’s where the story connects with the songs on the album. “I would describe the record as a compendium of strategies against despair,” he continued.

The new album continues in the same vein as his Canadian Folk Music Award-winning effort Victory Party and it was produced by Josh Dolgin, aka Socalled, a fellow Jewish superstar.

“As with Victory Party, there really was nobody besides Josh who could have made this album with me,” Berner said. “His knowledge of both the recording studio and Jewish music is unmatchable.”

He’s developed a cult following thanks to playing a wide variety of bars, cafes and festivals through the years. Berner describes his audience as being,  “odd, bookish people who like to drink. There’s a surprising number of physicists.”

His songs have been covered by Corb Lund and The Be Good Tanyas.

Berner is holding an early album release show at WISE Hall in Vancouver on September 12 as part of 8th Annual Accordion Noir Festival. Details of a North American tour will be announced soon.


01 Swing A Chicken 3 Times Over Your Head

02 Dance And Celebrate

03 When DD Gets Her Donkey Everything Will Be Alright

04 Condos

05 Es Brent

06 Ikh Krakh Tomid Arayn In Der Zelber Mashin

07 Thank You, No Thank You

08 When Chanukah Comes To Town

09 I Don’t Feel So Mad At God When I See You In Your Summer Dress

10 We Are On Our Way To Bremen

11 Slouching Towards Bremen


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