Fan Expo 2015 – Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto – September 3 – 6

My coverage of Fan Expo 2015 for Lithium Magazine.

Lithium Magazine

Review by Andrew Horan

Toronto’s annual celebration of all things geeky brought the summer to a close.

Despite a few cancellations, guests at Fan Expo were still treated to a stellar line-up. The fans also braved the sweltering conditions in an amazing variety of costumes.

Former Gremlins star Zach Galligan expressed his gratitude for being the first guest of the event. He recounted the story of his early days in acting including being set up with meetings with three of the most powerful casting agents in New York City.

He was candid about the ups and downs his career has faced, including a role in Nothing Lasts Forever, a Fellini-esque movie made by crew behind Saturday Night Live that never saw theatrical release but enjoyed a second life thanks to cable television.

Galligan strongly hinted a third Gremlins movie might see release. His idea involved a family adopting…

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