Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Gang Signs’ ‘Tonight’

Vancouver’s Gang Signs have unveiled the video for ‘Tonight’, the third single from their forthcoming debut album Geist, out on October 2 on File Under: Music.

Gang Signs is the new project from HUMANS‘ Peter Ricq along with drummer drummer Adam Fink and keyboardist/vocalist Matea Sarenac. The trio conceives their songs on guitar and has them demoed within four hours.

“They are purposefully written in a traditional verse, chorus, verse format, and to really make the cut they must make you want to move,” Ricq said in a statement.

01. Mate
02. Antidote
03. SW
04. LA On Monday
05. Silver
06. Back Up
07. So Long
08. Tonight
09. Heist
10. Stay Awake

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