Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Brydes’ ‘Bright Eyed Boy’

Tucson, Arizona-based trio Brydes have unveiled the video for ‘Bright Eyed Boy’ from their debut EP TURQUOISE, out on November 15.

“The song is narrated from the perspective of a lover separated from her companion, but affirming the purity of their adoration and celebrating their journey to reunite,” Kaia Mazza, the band’s vocalist and creative force, explained in a statement. “The echoing virtue [of the track] is one of persistent hope, soliciting a faith in what’s unseen but promised. ‘Bright Eyed Boy’ is a summary of the EP, weaving desert imagery with tales of affection.”

The EP is a homage to the scenery of the Southwest of the US and the ambition it inspires. The five song effort balances the sensibilities of the 80’s with deeply introspective lyrics.

01. Gila Bones
02. Cat Call
03. Bright Eyed Boy
04. Wrong to Assume
05. The One You Ask For

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