Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Light Years’ ‘Living in Hell’

Cleveland, Ohio’s Light Years have shared the video for ‘Living in Hell’ from their forthcoming album I’ll See You When I See You, out on November 13 on Rude Records.

“’Living in Hell’ might be my favorite Light Years song ever,“ frontman Pat Kennedy said in a statement. “It’s pretty aggressive but can still get stuck in your head. We wanted to make a video that was fun and wasn’t just us playing in a room with some cool lighting. We had some friends come out and help throw stuff in our faces to get the point of “living in hell’ across. We filmed this on my street and I think some of our neighbors are still pissed about the amount of feathers in the road still.“

1. Are You Sure?

2. Rearview

3. Living In Hell

4. Accidents

5. The Summer She Broke My Heart

6. Cracks On The Ceiling

7. So Sorry

8. Let You Down

9. I Can’t Relate

10. Empty Rooms

11. Lost Ground

12. Funeral

13. I Wish I Could


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