Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Lily Elise’s ‘Taken’

Lily Elise has shared the video for the title track from her EP Taken.

The video is an up close and personal look at the singer/songwriter. Elise’s songs were fueled by a messy break-up.

“’Taken’ is the breakup song of the EP,” she shared in a statement. “Growing up, my grandma always said to me, ‘The space for what you want, is being taken by what you settled for.’ What I’ve always wanted, with a deep sense of certainty, is to share my music and my voice with the world.”
Elise worked with Felix Snow (Sza, Gallant, Nicole Sherzinger), Dan Nigro (Sky Ferreira, Aluna George, Twin Shadow), Mighty Mike (Dojo, Sirah, Kelly Clarkson), Erik Belz & Danny Score (Jez Dior) to name just a few. Her first single ‘Generator’, released in November 2014, hit #1 on the Twitter Hype Chart.
“The songs on Taken are a culmination of two years of hard work,” Elise said. They tell a story of struggling to find myself in the midst of an unknown career path and a destructive relationship, from beginning to end.”

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