Stream Bossie’s ‘Tell It All’ for Free

Toronto’s Bossie, aka Anne Douris, had this to say about the third single ‘Tell It All’;

“This song came from the anxiety I have about forgetting things. Every year, I forget another childhood memory, and it breaks my heart a little each time. We do a lot of showing and telling these days. Sharing life moments, posting pictures, updating statuses. Sharing helps us hold on to the past. But just sharing your perspective isn’t enough. We also need to ask about and listen to other people’s experiences, and I worry that I don’t do that enough.  We need to ask our loved ones to tell us their stories, because storytelling is how we connect to each other. It keeps our memories alive and reminds us who we are,” Douris said in a statement.

The release of ‘Tell It All’ follows ‘Meteor’ and ‘There Will Be Time’, both streaming for free;

Bossie will play Adelaide Hall in Toronto on December 10 as part of 102.1 The Edge’s Jingle Bell Concert Series.


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