Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Husser’s ‘Name Another N!99@’

The video for Husser’s ‘Name Another N!99@’ finds the Montreal rapper rolling around his hometown in an electric wheelchair.

He took time out of working with his group The Posterz to film the clip with fellow MTL’ers The Ragers. The track combines live instruments with classic boom-bap hip-hop.

Husser is one third of The Posterz and turned down a basketball scholarship to pursue his hip-hop dreams. His love of music started at an early age thanks to his mother, who was an aficionado of 90’s hip-hop and R ‘n B. Husser also started playing drums at the age of 10.

While he was creating his own rhymes in Montreal’s Little Burgundy community that he met his future bandmates, Joey Sherrett and Kris the $pirit, while they were hanging around the Youth in Motion community center, which has a basement studio.

Initially called The Poster Boiiz, they spent the next five years making albums, videos and touring the world.

During this time, Husser worked on material separate from The Posterz, eventually compiling an album’s worth.


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