Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Julia Brown’s ‘Snow Day’

Julia Brown have announced that they will release their first and only album, An Abundance of Strawberries, on vinyl via Joy Void Recordings on January 15, 2015.

The album was recorded after the band broke up but songwriter Sam Ray and violinist and singer Caroline White decided to finish recording the album with a rotating cast of musicians rather than scrapping the material.

Instead of traditional instruments, they turned to drum machines, samplers and synthesizers, before adding more traditional instruments such as piano, horns and strings.

An Abundance of Strawberries was initially offered as a free release via social media. In addition to the vinyl release, Julia Brown will also release the album on cassette, CD and a formal digital release.

01) An Abundance of Strawberries
02) Snow Day
03) All Alone In Bed
04) 25 Days (May 15)
05) Without You (full)
06) Abby’s Song
07) You Can Always Hear Birds
08) The Way You Want
09) Loved
10) The Body Descends
11) Possession (full)
12) Closing (On A Roof)
13) Bloom


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