Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Kalle Mattson’s Cover of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’

Kalle Mattson‘s cover of Drake’s mega-hit ‘Hotline Bling’ has already racked up over 800,000 plays on Soundcloud as being listed as one Spotify’s Top 10 Most Viral Tracks.

It also broke into the CBC Radio 2 Top 20.

“I recorded this cover of ‘Hotline Bling’ in August, a few months before it became a worldwide meme generator / mega hit, and now it is unquestionably been the most successful thing I have ever put out,” Mattson said in a statement. “It feels a little weird and I’m not exactly sure why it works, but I’ll roll with it.”

The Toronto-filmed video was meant to be the antithesis of Drake’s video.

“I really wanted to get that melancholy-longing-for-what-might’ve-been feeling to really come through on both the video and the song, because that’s what I think Drake was really singing about and that’s my wheelhouse for songwriting,” Mattson said. “Anyway, I think it’s an incredible song and I’m lucky to have put my own spin on it. Now back to practicing my tennis moves…”

Mattson is no stranger to viral success with the video for the title track from his mini album Avalanche receiving well over 100,000 views on YouTube. The clip pays tribute to album covers from Neil Young, Elliot Smith, Radiohead and more;

Avalanche is the follow-up to his previous Polaris Prize 2014 nominated album Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold.


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