Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Speedy Ortiz’s ‘My Dead Girl’

The Elle Schneider-directed video for Speedy Ortiz‘s ‘My Dead Girl’ is an homage to the films of David Lynch.

“He’s the master when it comes to emulation of dreams. Mulholland Drive might have the best two-hour dream sequence out of any movie because it feels like a vivid subconscious progression. An extreme scenario might generate a completely nonchalant reaction, or vice versa. Bizarre details can feel totally logical. This is partially why the puppets are in our video. When you’re within a dream, puppets hanging out at a casino might make complete sense,” drummer Mike Falcone explained in a statement.
The band also announced the dates of their upcoming tour, which will see them play a series of all-ages shows in support of the Girls Rock Camp Foundation. GRCF is a non-profit that provides funding for Girls Rock Camps.
Speedy Ortiz has teamed up with GRCF and artist Michael DeForge to offer a series of prize packs;
$10 = ticket only, no donation
$15 = ticket +$5 GRCF donation (free custom Speedy Ortiz poster by Michael DeForge for that night’s show!)
$20 = ticket +$10 GRCF donation (free custom Speedy Ortiz nail art stickers!)
$40 = ticket +$30 GRCF donation
“We toured non-stop in 2015 and wanted to cap it off playing a series of all ages shows (which is always our favorite kind of show). We’ve also wanted to do a tour with a charity fundraising component for a long while. We’ve done a few fundraisers this year–for the Ferguson Library and the Baltimore Food Bank–but for this tour, we wanted to do something that had a national impact while still supporting local communities,” Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis said in a statement.
“The Girls Rock Camp Foundation was the perfect choice. GRCF provides funding and support to the the various Girls Rock organizations around the world, which in turn provide affordable music education to kids. Girls Rock helps level the music business’ playing field by coaching girls to form bands, develop skills in music engineering and technical production, and build their self esteem along the way. We love the work GRCF does, and are proud to support them on this tour–and can’t wait to play with a Girls Rock Boston band at our hometown show! We’re also so lucky that our friend Michael DeForge, one of the best comics writers and illustrators around, has designed a narrative poster series to help benefit GRCF as well.”
12/8 – Providence, RI @ AS220
with Downtown Boys, Whore paint
12/9 – Cambridge, MA @ Middle East Downstairs
with Downtown Boys, Ursula
12/10 – Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
with: Downtown Boys, Palm, Anomie
*special DJ set by Allison Crutchfield
12/11 – Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn
with: Downtown Boys, Eskimeaux, Very Fresh
*special DJ sets by Jenn & Liz Pelly
12/12 – Brooklyn, NY @ Palisades
with: Aye Nako, Dirty Dishes, Gemma
12/13 – Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery
with: Beauty Pill, Aye Nako
12/14 – Richmond, VA @ The Camel
with: Aye Nako, Atta Girl
12/15 – Durham, NC @ The Pinhook
with: Aye Nako, No Love
*special DJ set by Merge Records DJs
12/16 – Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn
with: Aye Nako, Suno Deko
12/17 – Nashville, TN @ The End
with: Aye Nako, Idle Bloom, Gnarwhal
12/18 – Louisville, KY @ The New Vintage
with: Aye Nako, Didi, hoe garden

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