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Videos for a Lazy Sunday Will Return Next Sunday

Due to a project that’s keeping me busy, there will be no Videos for a Lazy Sunday this week.

Tune into h@tb next Sunday, February 7, when the feature will return.

In the meantime, feel free to browse some of the past VfaLS posts.

Stream Ash Koosha’s ‘Mudafossil’ for Free

Ash Koosha has shared a free stream of ‘Mudafossil’ from his forthcoming new album I AKA I, out on April 1 via Ninja Tune.

Koosha describes his approach to music as, “Finding geometry in sounds”. He creates music from field recordings and applies his experience with classical music, both Persian and Western. He’s a student of the Tehran Conservatory of Music.

He was imprisoned for his music in Tehran and sought asylum in the UK. He’s received the support of Run the Jewels and Empress Of. He plans to bring a VR experience to his new album.

1. Ote
2. Feather
3. Eluded
4. In Line
5. Mudafossil
6. Hex
7. Ooh Uhh
8. Biutiful
9. Fool Moon
10. Make it Fast
11. Shah
12. Snow
13. Growl
14. Too Many
15. Needs

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Point Point’s Life in Grey

French production duo Point Point have unveiled the short film for ‘Life in Grey’ from their debut EP Contrastive Focus Reduplication, out now on OWSLA/Record Record.

The clip has received over 3 million plays so far. The video was directed by Jodeb and draws inspiration from Generation Y’s desire to create art.

“‘Life in Grey’ is the origin of Point Point and was able to lead us to where we stand today. It was crucial for us to bring it to something visual, we wanted to get something different from what is usually seen in the electronic music industry today. When Jodeb introduced his vision of the short film he wanted to produce, we were immediately seduced. It was quite weird to realize that what he had in mind was so close to our artistic approach. A peaceful electro single, suddenly becoming so disturbing and shocking,” Point Point said in a statement.

“The song and title inspired me to create a narrative about the Y generation, about how people can become desperate about creating the perfect piece of work, the ultimate fulfillment in the eyes of others. The obsession of a promised, expected, fulfilling life. I just wanted to create a character who would push it to the ultimate limit, death as a performance,” Jodeb added in the statement.


Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Radio Room’s ‘Nobody Told You’

Dublin, Ireland’s Radio Room have shared the video for ‘Nobody Told You’, staring Laurence Kinlan, star of the popular Irish show Love/Hate.

The video has been selected to be shown at the Hollywood Sky Film Festival and Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Fest.

“We heard this story of a rich kid here in Ireland that loved hanging around in classy social circles and dressing fancy—but then he lost all his money and snapped before basically going on a rampage; eventually hiding in a government official’s house before being caught by police,” frontman Robbie Murphy said in a statement. “We never really could find the right person to play the role, but once we got into contact with Laurence we knew he’d have the right emotion for the job and he nailed it.”

The James Darkin-produced single serves as a bridge between Radio Room’s 2015 album 92||93 and their new album, which they’ve just started writing material for.

“(‘Nobody Told You’ is about) a time after our album release at home in Ireland when there was a falling out with a lot of mutual friends around us,” Murphy explained. “We learned to appreciate who we’re close with and who we can tell things to on a more emotional level – it’s actually a lot more positive than it seems!”

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: G-Eazy’s When It’s Dark Out (Episode 1)

G-Eazy has released the first episode of When It’s Dark Out, a documentary chronicling his sold-out tour of the US.

The first episode follows the release of his sophomore album of the same name.

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Valentino Khan’s ‘Deep Down Low’

The video for Valentino Khan‘s ‘Deep Down Low’ garnered more than 3 million views in the first 24 hours of its release.

Khan also offered up a free download of a VIP mix of the song.

Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Jeff Riddle & The Bella Vista Social Club’s ‘Nervous Sister’

The simple Catherine Elicson-directed video for Jeff Riddle & The Bella Vista Social Club‘s ‘Nervous Sister’ sets the tone for the band’s debut album Destroy, out on March 5.

The album is the culmination of Riddle’s decade in Philadelphia’s music scene, starting out in punk bands before taking a more refined approach to his music. The list of collaborators who worked with him and producer/engineer Jeff Leonard in Riddle South Philadelphia became known as The Bella Vista Social Club.

1. Microbial Life Inside A Vaccum
2. Sleeping Consequences
3. Worthless Original
4. Trash Age
5. Black Cloud
6. Nervous Sister
7. Everything Beautiful Is Gone
8. Promises Of Gold
9. Three Sheets To The Wind
10. Destroy

Stream Monster Truck’s ‘Things Get Better’ for Free

Monster Truck have shared a free stream of ‘Things Get Better’, the first single from their sophomore album Sittin’ Heavy, out on February 19 on Dine Alone Records.

“The song is about the current state of the world.  There will be no future without radical change.  Maybe Bono can help…”  Guitarist Jeremy Widerman added, “It’s a message of hope in the real face of adversity that seems to be around the corner these days.  Not just a reminder to take nothing for granted but also to be aware that through struggle and perseverance comes triumph,” frontman Jon Harvey said in a statement.

The band also announced the dates of their upcoming tour;

17        Brooklyn, NY              St. Vitus
23        Victoria, BC                 Sugar Nightclub
25        Vancouver, BC           Commodore
26        Kamloops, BC             CJ’s
27        Calgary, AB                Macewan Ballroom
 1         Edmonton, AB             Union Hall
 2         Regina, SK                  The Pump
 4         Winnipeg, MB             The Garrick
 5         Thunder Bay, ON       Outpost
 8         Quebec City, QC        Le Cercle
 9         Montreal, QC              Corona Theatre
11        Toronto, ON                Phoenix Concert Theatre
12        Toronto, ON                Phoenix Concert Theatre
29        Bochum, Germany     Rockpalast
30        Berlin, Germany         Privatclub
31        Munich, Germany       Strom
1            Amsterdam, Netherlands
Melkweg Theatre
 3         Paris, France              La Maroquiniere
 5         London, England         100 Club
30        Jacksonville, FL          Welcome To Rockville
 7         Charlotte, NC              Carolina Rebellion
14        Somerset, WI              Northern Invasion
20        Columbus, OH            Rock On The Range


Stream Two Inch Astronaut’s ‘Personal Life’ for Free

Two Inch Astronaut have shared a free stream of the title track from their forthcoming third album Personal Life, out on February 5 on Exploding in Sound Records.

The band also shared a free stream of ‘Good Behavior’;

The new release finds the band mixing in pop ballads with their jagged hardcore. Two Inch Astronaut have been around in one configuration or another since 2009 but the band had its beginnings in the early 2000’s as a guitar and cello(!) duo before settling on their current incarnation.

1. Good Behavior
2. Sexual Prince of the Universe
3. At Risk Student
4. Submission
5. A Happy Song
6. Personal Life
7. Topper Shutt
8. Andy’s Progress Report
9. Good Companion
10. Woodstock ’99

Rococode Announce Sophomore Album

ROCOCODE 2015 by Lynol Lui

Vancouver’s Rococode have announced that they will release their sophomore album Don’t Worry It Will Be Dark Soon on February 26.

The duo of Laura Smith and Andrew Braun have shared the video for ‘Panic Attack’, the title track from their 2015 EP which is also on the new album;

Rococode recorded the songs for Don’t Worry It Will Be Dark Soon at the same time as the EP. Foregoing the comforts of a high tech studio, they decamped to an isolated cabin with producers Caleb Shreve (Phantogram, Bear Hands) and Ted Gowans (Tegan and Sara, Fences) and set up shop there.

The music found on the album is at odds with the natural environment it was recorded in, using drum machines, synthesizers and guitars. The title was inspired by a bit of between song banter Braun heard at a Radiohead show as a teenager.

“The daylight was kind of busting the vibe for most of the show and Thom Yorke kept saying, ‘Don’t worry it will be dark soon. Everything is gonna be fine. It will be dark soon’,” he explained in a statement.  “It kind of rattled around in my brain for 10 years and then we wrote the tracks, thinking about the comfort that the nighttime affords. It feels like a time where there is room to breathe and be ourselves. Throughout the writing of this record we were dealing with some difficult personal battles. The writing and recording was very cathartic and very much helped us grow through some turbulent times to arrive at a more comfortable destination.”

Rococode also shared a free stream of ‘Hunter Gather’ from the album;


1.  Diamond
2.  Panic Attack
3.  Baddest Sun
4.  Until You’re Mine
5.  Cuttime
6.  Hunter Gather
7.  Dead and Gone
8.  Crystalline
9.  Don’t Worry
10. Doom and Bloom