Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Prayers’ ‘Drugs’

San Diego’s Prayers have unveiled the video for ‘Drugs’.

The dark visuals by Dani Moreno Cordero provide accompaniment for Leafar Seyer’s vocals, Dave Parley’s synths and guest drummer Travis Barker’s beats.

The release of the video follows a successful 2015 for the Cholo Goth duo that included winning five awards at the San Diego Music Awards and being the subject of a Vice Noisey documentary, check it out below;

Formed in 2013 by Leafar Seyer, his name spelled backwards, and Dave Parley, both Mexican immigrants, the duo’s music unites thug life with Goth. Given that San Diego’s neighbourhoods are ground zero for the La Santa Muerte drug war. It’s little wonder that it provided an incubator for these two dark musical styles.

Prayers also offered up a free stream of their Young Gods EP, out now on Travis Barker’s LaSalle Records;

They will also play Coachella on April 17 and 24.



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