Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Chris Velan’s ‘Glow’

Chris Velan has shared the self-directed video for the title track from his forthcoming album Glow, out on March 4 vis NewSong Recordings.

“(The video was filmed) at the height of summer over the course of three magical days in an old-growth forest in a provincial park outside of Victoria,” he says. “The two, feral-looking brothers in the story are sons of friends of mine and they did such a wonderful job at just being themselves in their acting debut. The final product has this beautiful hazy and dreamlike quality to it that captures the hymnal feel of the song,” Velan said in a statement.

He penned the song well before he recorded it but didn’t realize its full potential until he was in the studio.

“’Glow’ was originally an up-tempo, happy-sounding track,” he said. “But when we got to recording it in the studio, we quickly realized that the feel and arrangement didn’t match the solemn and reflective lyrics. The take that made it on the album was our first attempt at re-imagining the song. If you listen closely, you can almost hear us unlocking the tune as we’re playing it.”

Velan is heading out on the road in support of Glow starting on March 23;

Mar 23 – Vancouver, BC – Railway Club w/ David Beckingham (Hey, Ocean!)

Apr 6 – Montreal, QC – Divan Orange

Apr 9 – Sutton, QC – Salle Alec et Gérard Pelletier

Apr 12 – Toronto, ON – The Burdock

Apr 15 – Halifax, NS – Company House

May 2-8 – Toronto, ON – CMW


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