Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Old Man Canyon’s ‘Back to the Start’

Vancouver psych rockers Old Man Canyon have shared the Tavi Parusel-directed video for ‘Back to the Start’ from their latest release Delirium, out now

Shot over the course of three days, the vid shows frontman Jett Pace wandering around in a nostalgic daze.

“Each scene represents the different stages that your mind passes through when you’re trying to change something in yourself and how you often have to re-visit the past to fully move forward,” Pace said in a statement.

‘Back to the Start’ has charted in the top 10 in the CBC R3-30. It’s also made it to #1 on the Verge’s Fresh 5 countdown plus it’s currently charting on Sirius XM’s The Grocery List.

The new album finds Old Man Canyon moving away from the folk-pop style of their early recordings.

Delirium is the follow-up to their debut EP Phantoms and Friends. Their music was used in a number of TV shows including the MTV series Awkward, Showtime’s Shameless, Bravo’s Suits, ABC’s Pretty Little Liars, FX’s Sons of Anarchy and The CW’S The Flash.

The band also offered a free stream of the album;


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