Stream or Download Blocktreat’s ‘Hinterland Steez’ for Free

Blocktreat, aka Brandon Hoffman, has shared a free stream/download of ‘Hinterland Steez’.

To download the track, click on the embedded Soundcloud file.

Inspired by a stint planting trees in Northern British Columbia, Hoffman transforms traditional acoustic and bluegrass sounds into unrecognizable soundscapes. He recorded his debut album Exciting New Ventures In Fucking Up at a secluded cabin on the outskirts of Williams Lake, BC.

The album is due out later this year, release date TBA.

“The whole idea that progress has to start in urban centres is getting pretty dated. I love that it’s cool again to have your own garden plot and grow your own food, tap into a creek with your own hydroelectric rig, or just generally live a more self-sustaining lifestyle. This was a big reason I came back to the town where I grew up around a year ago, after living in Vancouver for about 10 years. So now I’m living in a little cabin out of town with my own garden plot (discovering that I am a terrible gardener), and getting back into the small-town lifestyle. If you want to check out a show on a Thursday night your options might be kind of limited. But, it’s dead quiet, and sometimes you can see the northern lights,” Hoffman said in a statement.


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