Stream Jonathan Kawchuk’s ‘That So'(Featuring Nadia Sirota) for Free

Jonathan Kawchuk has shared a free stream of ‘That So’, featuring Nadia Sirota, from his debut album North, out on February 26.

Kawchuk recorded the album around the world in destinations such as Canada, Norway, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Israel and Portugal. He then played the songs back to back and re-recorded them in the forests of Jostedal National Park in Norway; home to the largest glacier in continental Europe.

“For me, this album is about its relationship to the Northern natural locations where I base myself, and how it reflects the people I care about who live in these places,” Kawchuk said in a statement. “Nature is a wonderful aesthetic constant. Its beauty and efficiency are the product of hundreds of millions of years of trial by fire, so I don’t try to compete with that.”

Originally hailing from Canada, he’s worked on albums by Nico Muhly and Ben Frost. He has also served as an assistant sound tech for the Philip Glass Ensemble. Kawchuk has spent the last few years living and recording in natural environments in Europe, North America and Asia in an effort to capture the natural beauty.


Right Into You
That So (+ Nadia Sirota)
Fast Twitch


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