Wake Island Shares the Video for ‘The Other End’

Montreal’s Wake Island have unveiled the video for ‘The Other End’ from their new album, due out in April, title and release date TBA.

The video was filmed from their studio in Beirut. It’s the follow-up to the Montreal-filmed ‘Caracter’.

“Shooting this video in Lebanon was very important to me, ‘The Other End’ is a song about breaking free from paralyzing personality traits and toxic cultural pressures that prevent you from moving forward,” Philippe Manasseh, Wake Island’s singer, explained in a statement. “The house we shot the song in has quite a bit of significance as it’s the centerpoint of Beirut’s double face. Sandwiched between the city’s most important and symbolic churches and the district of Gemmayze, the heart of the Beirut nightlife and debauchery, it quite nicely mirrored the subject of the song.”

Check out the video for ‘Caracter’ and catch the duo on the following dates;

February 26th – Montreal @Bar Le Ritz PDB

March 14th – New York @Pianos

March 26 – Montreal @Bad Lunch

April 8th – New York @Arlene’s Grocery


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