Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Anna Rose’s ‘Start a War’

The theme of the Shruti Ganguly-directed video for Anna Roses‘ ‘Start a War’ is loss.

In the clip, the protagonist loses his dream job and goes through a range of emotions, ultimately discovering a sense of hope.

“In ‘Start A War,’ we encounter a man who goes through these steps as he walks out with all his belongings, out of a very corporate looking office, amidst a slew of corporate buildings. As he deals with this new reality and is challenged by it, we ultimately realize, as does he, that he’s not alone. That other people before, at that time, and in the future, will go through this, and that he shouldn’t lose faith. And perhaps, if anything, he should pay attention to that inner kid, that once-upon-a-time dream. Our character had gotten caught up in the rat race and now, here is an opportunity to start again, and remember what he originally may have wanted to do with his life,” Ganguly said in a statement.

‘Start a War’ can be found on Roses’ forthcoming EP Strays in the Cut, due out this spring, release date TBA.


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