Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Museyroom’s ‘Ballad’

Museyroom have shared the animated video for ‘Ballad’ from their debut album Pearly Whites, out on March 25 on Grind Select.

Animator Alex Braddock uses both 2D and 3D animation to bring a “future nostalgia” vibe to the clip.

“Lyrically, ‘Ballad’ is about being disengaged with one’s daily life to the point of feeling perpetually asleep and the negative effect this has on one’s relationships. The song is optimistic, however, in that it talks about fighting this feeling of helplessness and ultimately learning to appreciate the people who care about you. At its heart, ‘Ballad’ is a call to wake up, to stop obsessively looking inside oneself and start looking out. This idea of ‘waking up’ is played on visually in the video with the use of the eye opening and looking around,” guitarist/vocalist Jack Donovan said in a statement.

“More generally speaking, the imagery for the video was inspired by other elements we were using to develop artwork for Pearly Whites, channelling an old, saturated illustration style within a digital context. We love the way Alex interpreted the past/future aspects of the lyrics by blending 2D and 3D imagery,” Ben Cohen, guitar/bass/synths, added.

They also shared a free stream of ‘Ranges’;

The band’s origins can be traced back to 2003 when Donovan and Cohen started writing songs together in Cohen’s basement and recording them on a four-track tape recorder using an old Casio keyboard, acoustic guitar and saxophone. They bonded over a mutual love of artists ranging from The Strokes to Bob Dylan and John Coltrane.

They hooked up with drummer Matt Coppola after playing in a series of bands and formed the group that would become Museyroom, a name taken from James Joyce’s notoriously challenging novel Finnegan’s Wake.

They recorded their first EP over the course of a week during the summer of 2009 with with singer Luke Rathborne at Williamsburg’s Motel Studios, adding a Wurlitzer found on the street and a stripped down drum kit to the instruments they use.

Pearly Whites was developed over the course of three years while the band was living in separate cities, blending new influences and the challenges that came from being separated.

Catch Museyroom on the following dates;

03/09 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Gateway *
03/10 – Philadelphia, PA @ Ortlieb’s *
03/11 – Baltimore, MD @ The Crown *
03/13 – Atlanta, GA @ The Sewing Room *
03/16 – New Orleans, LA @ Gasa Gasa
03/19 – Nashville, TN @ Glass Menagerie
04/08 – Brooklyn, NY @ Palisades (LP RELEASE SHOW)

* w/ Carroll

1. Pearly Whites
2. Three Stones
3. Ballad
4. Ranges
5. Sleeper
6. Siren
7. Siren End
8. It Won’t Change Now
9. Junkyard


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