Stream Monk Tamony’s ‘Back of the Building’ for Free

Monk Tamony have shared a free stream of their debut single ‘Back of the Building’.

“I live in the back of a 100 year old building. The heat is so damn hot that the windows have to be left open in the winter. The neighbors in the next building are loud 24/7. Most of the time you just tune ’em out. One morning though, these two guys were smoking and talking down below in between both buildings at 7am for no reason. It is just a place to dump trash out there. Their bullshit session woke me up because of course the windows were open. It made me think, man… it’s time for a goddamn vacation. The song wrote itself in thirty minutes. Literally,” guitarist and vocalist TJ Rosenthal said in a statement.

The band plans to release an EP later this spring, title and date TBA.

Rosenthal and bandmate Joe Zdaa first met in 2002 at Dark Room, a bar on Manhattan’s lower East Side.

“Joe was a bartender,” Rosenthal said. “And I was a DJ and a regular patron. It was always a scene, and I’d go some nights just make sure I wasn’t missing anything.”

It’s not surprising the two came together at the bar since New York Magazine voted the venue the best place to pick up a musician. Years later, Rosenthal asked Zdaa to replace the drummer in the band he had at the time; Cities on Fire.

The band was scheduled to play their first gig in LA in front of a highly regarded talent manager but a missed flight led to that opportunity falling through. Add a disastorous gig at NYC’s Mercury Lounge to this and the band split-up shortly afterwards.

The pair began DJ’ing, creating a 60’s-themed night called “Red Light District” complete with go-go dancers and gimlets. They ended up forming another band, The Bowery Riots, a six-piece Soul band.

By 2014, Zdaa had moved onto other projects while Rosenthal continued to write songs.

“I woke up one day in December with the uncontrollable urge to review all my demos,” Rosenthal explained. “And, one by one, I laughingly realized that I had created a collection of songs for a project that didn’t exist. So, I sent Joe the tracks, and the rest is history.”

“I can’t wait to see where the Monk Tamony story goes,” he added. “The fun part is not knowing. But, as long as we continue to make songs that mean something to us, we’ll continue to put them out there.”


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