Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Kilo Kish’s ‘existential crisis hour!’

Kilo Kish has shared the video for ‘existential crisis hour!’ from her album Reflections in Real Time, out now Kisha Soundscapes.

The album follows the loose concept of interpersonal relationships, work, frustration, apprehension and inner thinking. Kish took a backwards approach to writing the album, coming up with the song titles first then using stream of consciousness exercises to figure out how she felt about the different themes.

The Ray Brady-produced album pulls from all realms of emotion except for love and infatuation. Instead, Kish lays herself bare, sharing personal moments in her life from 23 to 25.

part I: outside

01. thank you!
02. hello, lakisha
03. distractions I : the opposite sex
04. age + self esteem : a funhouse mirror
05. distractions II : the dilemma of cool
06. self importance
07. collected views from dinner
08. fulfillment?
09. taking responsibility
10. intermission ft. John Michael Anderson
part II: inside
11. the fears of a dilettante
12. obsessing
13. life : the cruel interlude (on god)
14. frustrations + solutions
15. humans + ants in proportion (unfinished)
16. existential crisis hour!
17. on the mend
18. relief! (my answers so far)
19. poem A
20. outpatient mentality
(memory lane)

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