Jane’s Party Announce Third Album

Toronto’s Jane’s Party have announced that they will release their third album Tunnel Visions via Cadence Music on May 13.

The band has also unveiled the video for ‘Coming on Strong’. The clip features cameos from Shad, Jim and Devin Cuddy, Brave Shores and Elise Bauman and more;

Jane’s Party worked with Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo fame on their new album.

“After each 14 hour gruelling recording session up at Greg’s home studio we would all just hang out in his living room drinking wine and digging through his record collection…being able to just talk and pick his brain about 30 years on the road was invaluable,” Zach Sutton of Jane’s Party said in a statement.”…and sleeping above the console where Five Days in July was recorded was absolutely surreal.”

‘Coming on Strong’ was co-produced by fellow Toronto band The Darcys and featuring Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo on backing vocals.

“Having Jim Cuddy sing on our single was unreal…but it almost didn’t happen!” Jane’s Party’s Devon Richardson said in a statement. “I was out getting gyros on the Danforth when I got a call saying “Get back here ASAP… Jim’s got 20 minutes to lay down some vocals… what do we want him to sing?!” So I bolted back to the Woodshed studio with gyros in hand, and made it just in time to tell Jim what part would be great for him…luckily he’s such a pro he nailed it in one take without ever hearing the song…he also harmonized with himself flawlessly…such a pro…in and out in 20mins…”

Catch the band on the following dates;

March 10 – Toronto, ON @ The Piston
May 12 – Toronto, ON @ The Horseshoe (Tickets on sale March 11 @ 12pm ET)

Old Friends
San Francisco
Coming On Strong
What I’ve Been Missing
Busted Jeans
Cigarette Buzz
So Long
Time Remembered

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