Orkestar Kriminal Shares New Video & Tour Dates

Montreal’s Orkestar Kriminal lived up to their name while shooting the Bruno Goulard-directed video for ‘Der Shmayser’.

The video features singer Giselle being chased around by a security agent as she tries to meet up with her bandmates. It led to a case of art imitating life when she was chased by a real STM agent.

“We did the whole thing with no permit and kept a chunk of money in our budget to pay fines. When we played it was LOUD, so the train conductors, hearing the noise, would stop the metro. We’d then runoff, change lines, and do it all over, until the train would stop again. The trickiest part was in Lionel Groulx, because where we were running around with all our instruments and had to shoot fast before they busted us for not having a permit, but got nailed for that one too. We then shot the rest on Easter Sunday, knowing there wouldn’t be many STM workers on call. So we lucked out and it ended up being THE most exciting video shoot I’ve ever done,” she said in a statement.

The song is taken from their debut album Tummel, which netted them a Best Roots Album of the Year at the GAMIQ. The band’s name is fitting, they formed three days before POP Montreal in 2012 so that Giselle’s former orchestra could get free passes to the event.

The band is comprised of improv performers who interpret “slum world music” such as Mexican tequila-smuggling songs, Russian prisoner laments, and Afghani hookah grooves.

Catch Orkestar Kriminal on the following dates;

April 19th – VIDEO LAUNCH | HOWL Festival, Sala Rosa (restaurant) – Montreal (w/ Calar Heimta & Kutsi Merki)
April 29th – Festival Sainte-Cécile, L’Anti – Québec City (w/ Les Geurres d’l’Amour & Maude Audet)
July 9th – Northern Lights Festival, (outdoor stage) – Sudbury
July 10th – Northern Lights Festival, (outdoor stage)  – Sudbury
August 6th – Festival Widewood, outdoor fanfare style – Shawinigan
August 11th – Festival Musique du Bout du Monde, Brise-Brise – Gaspé
August 12th – Festival Musique du Bout du Monde, TBD – Gaspé
August 13th – Festival Musique du Bout du Monde, outdoor fanfare style – Gaspé


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