Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Bas’ ‘Matches’ (Featuring The Hics)

Bas has unveiled the video for ‘Matches’, featuring The Hics, from his debut album Too High to Riot.

“I think this is one of the best videos I’ve ever done,” Bas said in a statement. “The Hics, I first heard their music in passing a few years ago, and I was just a fan. When I was in London, we linked up, went out for tea and wound up talking for hours. We cut the record and when it was time for the video, they flew to America for the first time, stayed in my parents house in Queens, then came to L.A. to shoot it with me. Now, we’re like family.”
The Doubiago Bishara and Nelson G. Navarrete-directed video explores what it’s like to be an artist poised on the edge of superstardom.
Too High To Riot is a journey, a trip through my mind, using different sounds, moods and textures to explore things I feel deep inside,” Bas said. “I challenged myself to be as honest as I could, as truthful as I could, as open as I could. Every song is special, but ‘Matches,’ in particular, has added importance; it features The Hics and is produced by Ron Gilmore, friends turned collaborators who have aided me in my travels, inspired me beyond measure, and allowed me to creatively realize a vibe I always envisioned inside my head. Together, we make such beautiful music and I hope my fans enjoy it.”
He also announced the dates of his upcoming tour;
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