Videos for a Lazy Sunday: WRITER’s ‘Neighborly’

Director Paul Remund had this to say in a statement about the video for Brooklyn’s WRITER‘s ‘Neighborly’;

“For the ‘Neighborly’ video I used an analog tape film process and experimented with live in-camera speed manipulation,” Remund explained. “We shot at the Old Pfizer pharmaceutical factory in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, NY.”

The track can be found on the band’s sophomore release Principle Web, out now on Small Plates Records. Their debut, Brotherface, was released via UK label 3 Syllables.

James and Andy Ralph of WRITER share a tattoo that says “The Brothers Ralph”.  Their brotherhood lays the foundation for their fuzzed out sound. The band has shared the stage with  Os Mutantes, Cults, Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s, Tape Deck Mountain, Heartless Bastards and Guards.

Their early sound may have been lighthearted but a relentless touring schedule has brought a grit to their sound. They recently expanded to a trio when childhood friend Joshua Greco joined the band.


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