Stream Absolutely Free’s ‘Full Sweep’ for Free

Toronto’s Absolutely Free have shared a free stream of ‘Full Sweep’ from the soundtrack to Two Cares Due None.

This is the band’s first foray into providing the soundtrack to a feature-length film. Previously, the band scored short films for Norman McLaren of the National Film Board of Canada as well as works by Workman Arts filmmakers in association with the launch of Fucked Up’s scoring a screening of West of Zanzibar.

“The film entranced us into a distinct musical universe,” Absolutely Free said in a statement. “There was no resisting its aesthetic demands, which lead us deep into compositions that indulge mood over melody, exploring the subtleties at the periphery of what we have created live and on record up to this point.”

The film was independently produced by visual artists Chris Boni and Melissa Fisher. It was shot on location in Italy, Iceland and Toronto in 2013. The art house movie tells the tale of The Caretaker; who is charged with removing the personal belongings of six individuals from Iceland. The film combines magic-realism, suspense and mystery to explore the value different societies place on objects.

“The independent nature of the film dictated the wildest ride, from shooting through the never-ending daylight of Iceland in June, to blocking one of the closing scenes in a breathtaking piazza in Italy while the entire town sat off-camera and watched,” Fisher said in a statement.

“What was revealed to us during our production voyages to Iceland and Italy was the mystical links that our pre-written script shared with the native culture,” Boni added. “Working intuitively in a foreign landscape and culture enriched the aspect of chance that this fictional piece is steeped in.”

Two Cares Due None will premiere with two screenings at the Royal Cinema in Toronto with an evening performance on May 13 and a matinee on May 16. A Q&A session mediated by Mike Hoolboom, an experimental filmmaker and founding member of Pleasure Dome.


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