Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Alexandria Maillot’s ‘Sunday Sara’

Vancouver’s Alexandria Maillot has shared the video for ‘Sunday Sara’ from her debut album Time, out on June 16.

She already has a string of tour dates of Western Canada under her belt as well as a series of house concerts for Dan Mangan‘s Madic label under her belt in 2016. The album is the follow-up to her 2012 EP Just Another Girl.

In 2012, she was one of the top 20 finalists in Vancouver’s Peak Performance Project.

Working on her EP took place over the course of several years, the recording took place during a critical phase of her adolescence. Time provides a snapshot of her evolution. ‘Suddenly Sara’ was written during the early stage of a relationship.

“It follows the narrative of a virtuous young girl who has always lived within contained and unmarked, clean walls,” Maillot explained in a statement.  “Within the comfort that surrounds her, an obscured object appears (the conflict), and her naivety leads her down a protracted path that engulfs all that was once familiar. The black lights and neon paint represent the minuscule and often impossible glimpses of hope.  An addiction is never finite; there is no algorithm for overcoming a battle once you are completely consumed. All that can be put to bet is the strength of one’s remaining character and their determined mind.”

Maillot plans to hit the road following the album’s release; details TBA.

TIME Album Cover

1.  Sunday Sara
2.  Other Line
3.  Smitten
4.  Did You Want To Tell Me Something
5.  Time (On Your Own)
6.  The Floor
7.  Lonely Soul
8.  Sans
9.  Never Stop

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