Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Anna’s Anchor’s ‘Signal Tower’

Marty, the frontman of Irish indie emo punks Anna’s Anchor had this to say about the band’s current tour in a statement; “(We’ve played) places no punk band has ever gone before and ever will (for good reason)!”

The band is no stranger to playing around Ireland. Last summer, he played “The Island’s Project”.

“In a nutshell, last summer I visited eight remote islands over an eight week period. I played a gig on each island, wrote a song on each and then returned home to record and release the song each week. eight weeks, eight islands, eight gigs, eight songs,” he said in a statement.

Marty also traveled between Ireland and England to records his debut album, due out this fall on Struggletown and Never Meant Records, release date and title TBA.

“I wrote this song while visiting a super small island off the coast of Ireland called Inishturk,” Marty recalled about writing ‘Signal Tower’. “It only has a population of 50, so there was nothing to do on the island other than take a step back, which is something I’m not used to. I usually get really agitated if I’m not as productive as possible, but out there I had no choice but to take it all in. I sat down at this look out point beside an old signal tower and spent a couple of hours writing the song about that very sentiment, how I don’t give myself a break and that’s not always the best way to be for yourself, your health and loved ones. The song is about being grateful for this gift of taking a step back to think about the important things but ultimately coming to the conclusion that it won’t last for too long because it’s not the way you’re built to function.”

Catch Anna’s Anchor on the following dates;

June 9th – The Secret Garden – Galway, Ireland

June 12th – Mullarkey’s – Clifden, Ireland

June 17th – Tricky McGarigles – Sligo, Ireland

June 18th – Ursa Minor Bakehouse – BallyCastle Co.Antrim, Ireland


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