Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Red Seas Fire’s ‘Prisoner’

Red Seas Fire unveiled the video for ‘Prisoner’ following its debut on the Radio One Rock Show.

The vid’s claustrophobic visuals are a result of working with Zac Pinchin, whom vocalist Robin Adams met through his friends Blood Youth.

“The idea for ‘Prisoner’s’ video came from wanting to convey the themes and message of the song without taking a too literal or cliché approach by just doing something prison related. It’s about not listening to the people who tell you what you want in life can’t be attained and that sometimes the biggest obstacle to overcome is your own self-doubt and ultimately finding acceptance in that. As a result, Zak came back with the idea of a room gradually reducing in size throughout expressing the feeling of being trapped,” Adams said in a statement.

The current incarnation of the band could be considered Red Seas Fire v 2.0 after two members left due to ill health. In June 2015, things looked bleak for them but they have since come back.

“It’s taken us a little while to get back on our feet,” he admitted. “But, ultimately we were given a rare opportunity to reassess where we were as a band, and attack the sound we put out from here on out with revitalized influences and a newborn passion for what we create.”

“We’ve all moved on a lot from when we set out to write the previous records,” Adams said. “‘Prisoner’ is the first track that we wrote after the initial loss of our previous members. It’s raw, it’s catchy and we feel it’s great transition track between the old material and the new. We’re very excited to deliver this new music to fans proudly under the banner of Red Seas Fire.”


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