Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs Share Video and Tour Dates

The video for Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs‘ ‘That Was the Summer’ features footage of Cash playing in bars before he was legally able to.

The track is taken from the band’s current release Tongue-in-Cheek Vows.

In a statement, Cash said the video was a look back to when, “you start to lose focus on what it is you’re trying to do in the world,” he said. “I have wanted to be a working songwriter and musician since as early as I can remember, but, like any other prospective career, there have been road blocks that have caused me to question my talent and the reason for my goals. During one of these ‘existential slumps’ I uncovered some home video footage of me at various stages of musical aspiration, and in a funny way these clips reminded me that I have always been chasing this dream, and that I will continue to chase it for as long as I’m able. This is a reaffirmation to myself and to anyone else having doubts about their place in the world.”

“In a way, I’m still trying to get back to the ideals, and fashion choices, of my 14 year old self. At the very least, this will by my mother’s most favorite music video of all time,” he said.

Cash also announced the dates of his upcoming tour;



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