Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Lisa Hannigan’s ‘Fall’

Lisa Hannigan has shared the video for ‘Fall’ from her new album At Swim, out on August 19 on ATO Records.

Hannigan started work on her new album after spending nearly two years on the road in support of her previous effort Passenger. She struggled to write new songs after relocating to London away from what she describes as, “usual anchors and points of reference,” in a statement.

An e-mail from The National’s Aaron Dessner led to her working with him and rediscovering the collaborative spirit she’d missed in London. This allowed her to see her life in London in a whole new light.

Hannigan and Dessner, along with bassist Logan Cale and drummer Ross Turner decamped to Future Past Studio in Hudson, NY where Dessner produced the album.

“He didn’t want it to sound too pretty,” Hannigan said. “He wanted it to have a texture rather than have big arcing melodies.”

Her album Sea Saw was nominated for the 2008 Mercury Prize. She made her film debut in 2015, providing the voice of Selkie in the Oscar-nominated Song of the Sea. She contributed a cover of ‘Danny Boy’ to the TV series Fargo as well as providing vocals for the soundtracks to Gravity and Fury.

Catch Lisa Hannigan on the following dates;

Edmonton Folk Festival – August 5

Eaux Claires Festival – August 12-13

1. Fall.
2. Prayer for the Dying
3. Snow
4. Lo
5. Undertow
6. Ora
7. We, The Drowned
8. Anahorish
9. Tender
10. Funeral Suit
11. Barton

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