Videos for a Lazy Sunday: Anna’s Anchor’s ‘Hampton’

Anna’s Anchor frontman and mastermind Marty Ryan gave some insight into the story behind the track ‘Hampton’ in a statement; “It’s about how due to various abuses from one of my parents, the family and home in Oakhampton was split in two. It was a sad, angry and unsure time but it has a positive outlook despite all of this!”

The vid was filmed by his good friend Shane Serrano. Ryan felt that working on the video was worthy of Serrano’s talents.

“His best work in my opinion has been with more simple story lines in which the video does the talking. I wanted the general concept of the song’s longing for something that isn’t there and dealing with not being in the place you had imagined. My Dad got into ballroom dancing and showed me photos of the eventual location – this ideal super old rural ballroom – the concept developed pretty quickly from this and I think it captures exactly what I envisaged!” Hampton said.

‘Hampton’ is taken from Anna’s Anchor’s forthcoming debut album Nautical Miles, out on Struggle Town and Never Meant Records. The band also shared a free stream/download of the track;

Catch Anna’s Anchor on the following dates;

Ireland: 22/09/16 Roisin Dubh (upstairs) – Galway | 23/09/16 Brú Bar – Cork | 24/09/16 The Stormy Teacup – Limerick | 25/09/16 Fibber Magees (Downstairs) – Dublin
UK: 01/10/16 Audio – Glasgow | 02/10/16 Pop Records – Sunderland | 03/10/16 Star & Garter – Manchester | 04/10/16 Santiagos – Leeds | 05/10/16 TBC – Reading | 06/10/16 Pre Bar – Southampton | 07/10/16 Veg Bar – London | 08/10/16 TBC – Cardi


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